Living Greens Farm Quadruples Its Vertical Food Growing Operation In Rice County

Currently, Living Greens Farm houses 10 growing systems in its Faribault Industrial Park facility. These systems grow food products vertically and indoors without the use of herbicides or pesticides. According to its own estimates, the company uses 200 times less land and 95 percent less water than traditional farming.

Next month, the company will add 30 systems to help grow more lettuce, microgreens and herbs in Faribault.

Cube Celebrates Narrows Dam’s 100th Birthday

Johnson said hydropower should be recognized as another component of renewable energy sources like wind and solar energy. In fact, she said each one complements the other in a pursuit of cleaner energy. She suggested all of the renewable energy sources should be integrated for a healthy balance.

New industries, like aero farming (indoor farming without sun and soil in a fully controlled environment), tend to gravitate toward areas where there’s clean energy resources and inexpensive land, she said.

Philips Lighting Begins Largest LED Horticultural Lighting Project In The World

“This LED horticultural project is the largest in the world. It will reduce the electricity consumed to light the crop by up to 50 percent compared with conventional horticultural lighting and uses light recipes designed to boost quality and crop yields by up to 30 percent in the dark period of the winter,” said Udo van Slooten, business leader for Philips Lighting’s horticultural lighting business.



USGBC-LA Announces Veggie Bus Project

“The veggie bus is a bright, inspiring endeavor for our volunteers to get involved in a hands-on project that has direct benefits for the local community in South LA,” says USGBC-LA Executive Director Dominique Hargreaves.  “Urban agriculture is an important facet of sustainable communities and this project is at the intersection of urban ag and sustainable building.”